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Organizational Vision


Aims $ Objectives


A world of Educated and Healthy Deserving Peoples We almost indulge our vision to create a world of healthy and educated people where no one agrees to work our teams will compassionately move where all people achieve fulfillment of their needs. By our projects we will try to tackle poverty and its causes by developing innovative and sustainable solutions Each project has its own base but our special project “KHUMS Program” only vision based upon saddat families as they do not accept any kind of help in kind of sadqa, khyrat by their norms. So only wealthy Saddat join hands to help deserving Saddat. 2020 project will be pro-long on word as soon we get possibilities to create centers in all Pakistan. Our team member have been working voluntarily since 4 year ago, throughout nonstop hardworking rewarded us Government Registration within last year July 24th 2019. As Non-Profitable Government Organization we most-probably make others independent by joining us as a member of our organization. Memberships, workshops, seminar camping for health project are our strategies to move on and work sustain continually. Free lancer and volunteer teams are dedicatedly working and they are our main stream to provided real picture of helping humanity by freewel. We accionly make small program in which Rashan, Books, Toys, Dresses, Blankets, etc distribution included. On top of the priority religions program like Ramadan, Eid, Muharram, Rabi Ul Awal we use to make collection by funds with that meal and sabeel distribution in different dates from Islamic Calendar. On the other hand we work not only Muslim community but also wishes and help other religions communities on their festival like Christmas, Ester, Devali, Holi, Yathra Etc on our Social media website and official pages to appiciciate our team efforts and give massage to others, to join us and work together.

"KHUMS" Program


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Women Empowerment

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